• Shop the handloomed textiles and locally crafted ceramics of Egypt​

Tired of the stuff you packed? Head for Nagada, a boutique occupying an entire 1930s villa across the Nile from the hotel in the Dokki district. Founders Silva Nasrallah and Michel Pastore revived traditional handloomed cotton textiles of upper Egypt to make loose yet stylish men’s and women’s clothing. Tunic-style shirts, gaucho pants, and sleeveless sheath dresses—riffs on the galabiyyah, or traditional Egyptian men’s long gown—translate well to other warm-weather destinations, while lightweight shawls and scarves are perfect for covering up while visiting Egyptian mosques or sunning on breezy Nile-cruise-ship decks. Nasrallah’s travels to Turkey, India, Vietnam, China, and Cambodia also inspire her garment designs. The Nagada team founded a pottery school in Faiyum Oasis; students and mature artists craft practical dishware and impressive statement pieces, often with animal motifs. Pastore’s own ceramic pieces include jewelry modeled after fossils found in the Egyptian desert.

Nagada is on Refa’a Street, at the northernmost end of Messaha Garden.

​​​​​NAGADA: 13 Refa’a St.; 20-2-3374-8666; nagada.net​