• Take a self-guided tour through some of Cairo’s most exquisite museums

Hop in a TK-minute taxi to the Gayer Anderson Museum, inside twin Ottoman mansions in Old Cairo. The superb collection of pharaonic sculpture and Islamic artifacts from Egypt, Syria, and Iran includes oddities such as Mamluk birthing chairs, collected by a British resident doctor in the early 20th century. The museum is adjacent to the austere but elegant Ibn Tulun Mosque, built in the ninth century A.D. and the oldest in Cairo surviving in its original form. The unusual, ziggurat-style minaret affords wonderful views of Old Cairo. Facing the mosque entrance, Khan Misr Tulun, run by a French expat, sells well-curated crafts from around the country, including handblown glass from Cairo, carved wooden dishes from Upper Egypt, textiles from Siwa Oasis, and modern jewelry incorporating antique fake pharaonic scarabs.

The Gayer Anderson Museum is at the southeast corner of Ibn Tulun Square. You will find the Ibn Tulun Mosque directly in the middle of the square. Khan Misr Tulun is directly opposite the entrance to the Ibn Tulun Mosque.

​​GAYER ANDERSON MUSEUM: 4 Ibn Tulun Square; 20-2-2364-7822

​​IBN TULUN MOSQUE: 1 Ibn Tulun Square

​​​KHAN MISR TULUN: Opposite entrance to the Ibn Tulun Mosque; 20-2-2365-2227